Case Study

East Austin Studio Tour

App Development

The Background

As big fans of the event ourselves, we saw an opportunity to make the experience more convenient with an app that helps you discover artists, navigate the area, and make the most of your time.

App Store Rating


(App rating as high as Uber!)

The Challenge

EAST’s printed guides are always beautiful and packed with info, but at 150+ pages, they don’t make for handy planning or mapping. So our goal was to create a digital version of their guide, with a few additional capabilities and features.

The Solution

Having never worked with the organization that runs EAST (Big Medium), we cold-called them with a pitch for our app. They were thrilled with the idea and invited us to collaborate with them.

A few months later, the app was ready for EAST 2018. In addition to showcasing artists' work, we included the ability to discover and save favorite artists, view all the studios on an interactive map, and find artists based on preferred media.

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The Results

Total Downloads 4,621

App Store Rating 4.7/5

Times the app was used 11,546

Crashes 0

"From our first meeting, Third Rail showed a deep understanding of our events and what was needed to take them to the next level. The app they developed made EAST more enjoyable, accessible, and navigable for both our attendees and artists. With a shared passion and excitement, they feel like a true extension of our team and we can’t wait for our next collaboration."

Jordan Gentry, Director of Programming, Big Medium

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