Core Values

  • Do Right By Our Clients

    Hiring a creative ad agency requires trust and faith in our services. We honor that and seek to earn our clients’ trust every day. We keep a watchful eye on new industry innovations. And we map out the most beneficial paths for our clients, not the most expedient ones for us. We deliver on every point of every proposal and stay committed to every project from beginning to end.

    Doing right by our clients has built decades-long client relationships.

  • Value Our Community

    Our time and efforts at work are a reflection of what is important to us. We believe in the dignity of every human life and the beauty and fragility of our planet, so we make sure that our pro-bono projects go toward making people’s lives better and serving those who are working to create a better world. Be it a logo for a charity, a campaign for an event, or an app for a local non-profit, we always keep a pro-bono project on our schedule. We believe in using our talents to help our community help others.

    Valuing our community means loving our neighbors well.

  • Lead By Example

    We put our money where our morals are. Not only in where we spend our money, but in how we are stewards of our clients’ budgets. We look to hire vendors, contractors, and employees for Third Rail from a bountifully diverse pool of choices. And we look to partner with clients who are like-minded in promoting diverse messaging and seeking out those populations in diverse communication channels.

    Leading by example ensures that we are acting out our best intentions.

  • Raise Everybody Up

    At Third Rail, we are all about fostering a collaborative culture that thrives when everybody feels free to contribute. And by everybody, we mean every body. Our talent comes from all walks of life which leads to a more fulfilling work environment, and more rich and varied ideas. We not only strive for workplace equality but also equity, where the goal is a level playing field for all. We listen and learn from each other so we are meeting the unique needs and challenges of our people.

    Raising everybody up strengthens our camaraderie with each other.

  • Evolve As We Learn

    We are constantly looking to grow ourselves individually and corporately. We attend webinars and conferences, encourage our team to join service and industry organizations, and search out different points of view to make sure we see issues holistically. Professionally, we grow by listening, questioning, and challenging one another. We believe that creative solutions are more effective when we stretch ourselves to try new things and refine our processes.

    Evolving as we learn gives us fresh eyes and renewed engagement.

  • Find a Healthy Balance

    We make sure that our time at work is well spent out of respect for our clients’ dollars and our team’s time. Our working environment is flexible to the needs of our team which naturally generates better quality work for our clients. We encourage our team to pursue their personal and career goals by supporting their education and prioritizing their personal time and space.

    Finding a healthy balance affirms to our clients and team that people are the most important part of Third Rail.

We’re looking to add to our growing team. Check out our open positions.