YouX Design Competition

SXSW 2018

Social / Print / Interactive

To tap the creative energy swirling outside during SXSW, we held our inaugural YouX Design Competition. To draw in contestants, we advertised a contest to come up with a tagline for the too-good-to-be-true Dronuts: the world’s first donuts-by-drone delivery service. We received over 300 entries and invited the bright minds behind four of our favorites to compete for a shiny new laptop.


With a budget of loose change, we advertised everywhere—online, offline, even in line at Juiceland. It also gave us an excuse to make lots of videos of us eating donuts.

Artboard 7@2X
Group 1@2X

Interactive Design

Our website had an explainer video and ways to submit taglines. Some people didn’t catch that Dronuts is a fictional company.

Artboard 9@2X
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During Competition

On the big day, our four contestants arrived and were told about our mystery contest: design a mobile app for Dronuts. They showed off their chops and presented four prototypes that blew our expectations away.

Artboard 11@2X
Artboard 13@2X
Artboard 14@2X


We confirmed what we already knew: that Austin is brimming with creative energy. We also had a great time quickly planning and implementing an entire campaign. We had a blast, met some great creatives, and are looking forward to next year's SXSW.

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